Who We Serve

We provide the only non-profit, high quality, affordable, early childhood learning environment in the Parkhill Housing development and surrounding community.  The Center is open year round to accommodate low-income working parents. 

Currently, approximately 100 children, from 6 weeks to 11 years, are enrolled at our Center.  The vast majority of our families reside in the Parkhill Housing development.  These families are living at or below national poverty guidelines and therefore qualify for state financial assistance with their childcare costs.

Many of our children come from families headed by young, single mothers.  A growing number of our parents are enrolled in classes or attending school.  And many of our parents are working at minimum wage jobs with few or no benefits.  Our goal is to ensure that we provide the quality programming and early childhood experience necessary for all of our children to enter school ready to learn and succeed.

To achieve this, we are committed to the following principles and ideals:

  • recognizing and respecting the uniqueness and potential of each child;
  • basing program practices upon current knowledge in the field of child development and upon particular knowledge of each child;
  • involving all of those with relevant knowledge (including staff and parents) in decisions concerning a child;
  • developing relationships of mutual trust with the families we serve;
  • respecting the dignity of each family and its culture, customs and beliefs; and 
  • supporting families in their task of nurturing children.